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Everyone gets in trouble or makes a mistake sometime. If you are like most, this is your first experience with the justice system. We will help you understand the system, build the best defense possible and ensure that those mistakes do not disrupt your life. 

• Assault    • Possession

• Theft     • DUI

• DWI    • Others

Personal injury

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve to made whole. We will help you understand your options and seek out all relief available to you. You should be back to your regular daily life with the compensation you deserve. 

• Car accident • Slip and fall

• Wrongful death • Work injury

• Truck Accident • Others


Family Law

Whether it is ensuring a smooth transition to the next phase in your life through Divorce or fighting to make sure that your children are safe and taken care of, we will help navigate you through your family law issue. We understand the importance of your family and work to get the results you want. 

• Divorce  • Child Custody

• Child Support • Modifications 

• Contempt • Others


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